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Welcome to the only place where you will find Real Combat Sports News from all over the world. We’re not your Breaking News Outlet but what we do is keep you informed in the latest news. We are a website you can trust with accurate news from MMA, Kickboxing and Boxing.

FightBookMMA cover local to all major promotions. We strive to do our best in bringing you up-to-date news on MMA, Boxing and everything Combat Sports. We have dedicated writers we also receive Press Releases from UFC, Bellator MMA, WSOF, RFA, Titian FC, King OF The Cage, PBC, Golden Boy Promotions, Lion Fight Promotions and many more!

FightBookMMA is on scene and ready to cover events in Canada covering several promotions; we also work very close with and have staff on scene for Global Proving Ground (GPP) in Pennsauken, NJ. We have staff in California, Utah, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and expanding. We interview Cage Fighters, Boxers, Bjj practitioners, Muay Thai and Kickboxers from Amateurs to Pro fighters.

On average we publish anywhere from 5 to 15 articles daily. This all depends on the Press Releases or what Breaking News is out there. We continue to grow and our fan base continues to grow on all social media. The articles are shared to our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group and we post to 50+ Facebook Groups, Google plus Community, LinkedIn and on Twitter. Our website also gets mentioned on various podcasts and other websites.

We are nationally and internationally known with dedicated fans that support us. We have a close relationship with many fighters, promoters, managers and staff from very well-known organizations. We also sponsor Fighters and Cutmen from various promotions so our name and logo are seen on National TV.

Find John Manimal Beneduce, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... Also on The Manimal Zone with cohost Kerry Stellar. 
John is a 2nd degree black bel, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, under Matt Serra.
Do you want to know more about Mixed Martial Arts? Why your friends get so excited every time there's a fight on!?
I am your FanGirl, keeping you current with MMA.
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