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Invicta FC 47

Invicta FC 47

Emily “Gordinha” Ducote vs Alesha “Half Pint” Zappitella

Invicta FC Strawweight Championship

What a night of talented competition, for Invicta FC 47, from the first fight, to the main event, it was non stop high level action.

In your main event… Emily “Gordinha” Ducote defends her title, against Alesha “ Half Pint” Zappitella who moves up from Atomweight (105) to Strawweight (115)

The night was filled, with a New York State of mind, with 4 native New Yorkers, on the card. Including a bout between Jillian “Lion Heart” DeCoursey vs Lindsey “Damsel” VanZandt, who fought their last amateur fights, against each other, where DeCoursey won.

Fatima Kline will be taking on Sidney Trillo in the Strawweight division. Will Kline sink in a submission, or will Trillo finish the fight on her feet?

Opening the card, is Jennifer Chieng vs Alyssa Linduska.

Always exciting to watch, in and out of the cage, Serena “Southpaw” DeJesus takes on a dangerous Brittney Cloudy, will technique or style win this fight?

Featherweight brawler Chelsea Chandler returns to Invicta FC for the first time in two years, having a 4 fight win streak before her break, will be meeting Courtney King. King also had a layoff between her loss to Kayla Harrison at Invicta FC 43.

Janaisa Morandin and Liana Pirosin in the Fyweight division.

Jennifer Chieng vs Alyssa Linduska


In the first fight of the evening, Jennifer Chieng and Alyssa Linduska, pushed a competitive pace, for 3 rounds. Both women were trading strikes and leg kicks, feeling each other out, Linduska in the second half of the first round, was able to pressure Chieng to the cage, and secure a takedown to finish the round off. Chieng’s boxing skills were on full display throughout, and Linduska felt that early.

They opened the second round with a bang, trading shots, clinching, Linduska was able to turn the takedown, throwing short punches, pinning Chieng between her and the cage. Scrambling for a bit looking to advance, Chieng changes position, Linduska throws up a triangle, misses she throws two up kicks, Chieng shoots back into Linduska’s guard. She delivers some short punches to get to Linduska’s back, Chieng tries to secure a rear naked choke, Linduska defends. Into the third with some punches Linduska clinches with Chieng, who goes for the takedown, Linduska reverses it. Linduska works Chieng with punches, pressuring her in mount. Chieng creates some space, up kicks Linduska who shoots right back in, raining down strikes. Linduska was able to out grapple Chieng, tried for a triangle to no avail.

Winner Alyssa Linduska via Unanimous Decision 29-28 29-28 29-28

Fatima Kline vs Sidney Trillo


Both women trading strikes from the bell, Kline pressuring forward, landing strikes, backing Trillo up to the cage, setting up the takedown. Kline works for a submission, she has Trillo’s back, they hand fight for position. Kline trying to get a hook in, she does, and Trillo shook it off. Kline working for the rear naked choke, to close the round.

Round 2 Kline found a home for a jab and a straight right, clinched Trillo, and takes her down with ease. Kline in side control, using great head and shoulder pressure, while advancing position, peppering Trillo up with short punches and elbows, to take Trillo’s back. Kline loses Trillo’s back, and lands some ground and pound. Kline pressuring Trillo and she reverses the position, immediately attacking and looking for a submission, they scramble trading dominant positions.

Round 3 Kline and Trillo trade some low leg kicks, Trillo follows a jab ties Kline up and takes her down, Kline gets up easily, they trade positions clinching on the cage. Kline throwing heavy front kicks, setting up her takedown. Klien has Trillo pinned to the cage, working to get to mount, Trillo pushes off, gave her back up. Kline gained side control, landing short punches, she gets full mount, raining hammer fists, while Trillo covers up, eventually the ref calls it off, as Trillo was surviving the round.

Winner viaTKO 4:45 Round 3 Fatima Kline

Brittney Cloudy vs Serena DeJesus


They are off with respect, they touch gloves. Both ladies, feeling each other out with fainting jabs, Cloudy throws a low leg kick, DeJesus follows with a beautiful counter. Throwing and landing combinations DeJesus is pushing forward, Cloudy circles out figuring her range. DeJesus, is stalking she throws some combinations, backs Cloudy against the fence they clinch, and break away. Back in the center of the cage, Cloudy lands a straight right, DeJesus found her range, delivers an overhand and a low leg kick. DeJesus continues low leg kicks to back Cloudy up, they trade positions and break away, striking to the sound of the bell.

Round 2 Cloudy opening with a few jabs and leg kicks. DeJesus takes Cloudy down, lands some punches and they are back up. Cloudy misses high front kick. Dejesus pushes the pressure, gets Cloudy against the cage, trading short punches. DeJesus missed a flying knee and is throwing heavy combinations, she ties up with Cloudy, landing body shots. Breaking from the cage, Dejesus throws a combination with a knee, they’re back in the clinch, Cloudy with high knees ends the round.

Round 3 Cloudy faints, and misses a high kick, DeJesus throws a massive kick to the body, backs Cloudy up, with a heavy overhand left. Cloudy is pressuring DeJesus, against the cage, DeJesus pushes her off, throws a nice combination backing Cloudy up. In the center DeJesus throws a flying knee and misses, Cloudy goes in for a combination and DeJesus clinches, with great cage pressure, throwing a knee Cloudy tries to reverse and advance forward, but DeJesus is just too strong. DeJesus is throwing punches and knees in the clinch, she throws hooks to the body, more knees to close the fight out.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Serena DeJesus 30-27 29-28 29-28

Janaisa Morandin vs Liana Pirosin


Round one Morandin and Pirosin feel each other out, throwing some faints, Morandin is landing a bit, knocked Pirosin to the canvas, and goes for her back. A quick scramble, and they are back up. Trading punches, flashing their hips, both ladies Thai styles are evident. Mixing elbows in, with strikes both ladies are landing clean shots. Pirosin, fires off shots and backs Morandin up, with a low leg kick. Morandin using good head movement, lands a combination at the bell.

Round two Morandin fainting jabs lands a hard body knick, a striking combination into the clinch. Pirosin pressuring Morandin to the cage, lands some knees. Morandin, with an inside elbow, and backs Porisin up. In the center, Pirosin, with a low leg kick, circles out for a high one, Morandin shook off. Pirosin throws a body kick, Morandin, catches it jabs and pushes forward. Both ladies fainting, they go in, swinging. Pirosin, throws a nice combination, and a flying knee, with an elbow backs Morandin up, misses a hook kick. Morandin lands a front kick, circles and a hard low leg kick. She throws a combination, Pirosin, counters. Throwing faints and trading kicks, this round is as exciting as the first, with volume, and beautiful counter strikes.

Round 3 These ladies show respect to each other at the sound of the 3rd round, Morandin pressures forward, and backs Porison up to the cage, they clinch trading positions, Pirosin gets the advantage, pressuring Morandin, throwing a lot of short punches and pulls Morandin into a knee. Morandin with a jab, Pirosin counters with a combination, misses a front kick. Both ladies trading leg kicks, Porison lands a hard combination, Morandin takes Prison down, working to pass and take the back, scrambling for position, she gets Porison’s back, and lands in half mount. Morandin maintains position, with great head pressure, looking fir a head and arm choke, she continues to work. Pirosin tries to reverse the position multiple times, but Morandin clearly has ground advantage. Morandin landing elbows, Pirosin creates space, and Morandin closes it, remaining in control. Morandin, with some heavy right hands, in a dominant position, she ends the round with some ground and pound. Winner Liana Pirosin via Split Decision 29-28 29-28 29-28

Lindsey VanZandt vs Jillian Decoursey


Round one, wowwwwww I looked away for one second and Decoursey knocked VanZandt out cold.

Winner Jillian DeCoursey via TKO 1:01 Round one

Courtney King vs Chelsea Chandler


Round one Chandler pushes forward immediately, throwing some nice combinations, and King throwing nice counters. Chandler throws a knee to the clinch, Chandler trips the leg, and takes King down. She gets into full mount, then takes Kings back, flattening her out, King defends, gets on her side, chandler gets her back again, looking for a rear naked choke. King shrimps out, Chandler gets to half mount, and threatening a head and arm choke, King creates space with her legs and gets back up. Lands a few shots, and Chandler answers, with a beautiful combination, pushing King back to the cage, they exchange to the center, throwing kicks. King throws a one two, a low leg kick, and Chandler counters with some hard overhands, she pressures King to the cage. Chandler is landing knees to the body, King throws a knee with a trip, and Chandler reverses, to side control. She is working to advance her position with short punches, King holds chandlers head to counter Chandlers pressure. They’re back up trading shots, Chandler throws an overhand right, King throws a hard leg kick, Chandler pressures King against the cage, with knees to the body and a ton of pressure. King reverses and the bell rings.

Round 2 King throws a hard combination, that stung and drops Chandler, she gets up, and King is all over her, pushing her to the fence. Chandler gets distance and comes in hard with punches, and hard combinations into the clinch. King is bleeding, Chandler putting on the pressure, with knees to the body. King reverses and shows her own cage pressure, and knees to the body. Chandler gets the reversal, throwing knees to the legs of King, she is grinding King into the cage. Chandler mauling King, the referee breaks them, brings them to the center of the cage. Okay! These women are trading strikes, King with a front kick that backed Chandler up for a quick second, as she rushes King to the cage, so much pressure and short punches, King throws a straight punch off the cage, are trading kicks in the center. These ladies are battling back and forth with kicks, to combinations of strikes. Chandler pushes King back into the cage, constant pressure and short punches, King works to reverse, throws a one two backing Chandler up to the center. Both throwing combinations, King lands a few kicks, Chandler answers with heavy overhands and backs King into the fence. King defends gets the leg trip to half mount at the sound of the bell.

Round 3 King opens up with a heavy leg kick, she is taking her time, timing out some strikes, Chandler with a nice combination they tie up, King with an elbow, Chandler counters. They throw hard combinations, Chandler is throwing heavier, and more punches. King counters drives Chandler into the cage, Chandler fights for the reversal, gets it, and takes King, takes to the ground, landing in side control, she gets to guard, King is trying to control Chandler’s head, holding her in rubber guard, Chandler gets back to guard. King is controlling, her head with her arm, she throws her legs up for a triangle, Chandler shrugs her off gets to half guard, trying to advance, King is defending, keeping Chandler from doing damage, Chandler works to advance with punches, grinding King. King creates space, Chandler grabs her legs, pulls her in, and lands a heavy overhand. Looking to pass King’s guard, to get side control, she gets it, and is working King, gets to full guard. King creates some space, and Chandler back to her feet, screams at King, GET UP!!!!! The bell rings, and Chandler is all smiles.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Chelsea Chandler 29-28 29-28 29-28

Emily “Gordinha” Ducote vs Alesha “Half Pint” Zappitella

Strawweight Championship

Round one They meet in the center of the cage, and touch gloves. Zappitella bouncing, with movement, lands a right faints front kick, and misses a leg kick, Ducote, moves out of the way. Zappitella feeling out her range fainting punches, Ducote faints jabs, throws a right hand, misses and circles. Ducote trying to find her range, with fainting strikes, Zappitella answers with a jab, and misses a heavy overhand right. Ducote is pushing a slow pace, choosing her shots, Zappitella is circling finding her range, throws a kick to the body, Ducote caught it, and fired a combination at Zappitella, who wasn’t phased, is moving quite well, bouncing around, fainting to jabs, she grazes Ducote with an overhand right. Ducote faints two jabs, Zappitella counters with a body kick that misses, both ladies moving well, Emily is fainting punches, connects with a straight right, Zappitella counters. Emily using cage control, backs Zappitella up, she connects with a body shot, Ducote misses a combination, as does Zappitella. Ducote lands a jab to the chest, Zappitella lands a front kick to the body, that Ducote catches, and pushes Zappitella off. Zappitella uses jabs, to set up a leg kick, Ducote counters with some strikes inside. Zappitella with her her back to the cage, lands a left, misses, Ducote counter strikes. Zappitella moving in and out throws a combination, lands, Ducote throws a punch, Zappitella shoots in for a takedown, Ducote gets back up, and Zappitella pressures her into the cage. Throwing hard knees to Ducote’s legs, continuing the pressure with hard shots to the body, utilizing her head and shoulder pressure, staying under Ducote’s chin. Ducote tries to reverse, Zappitella keeps grinding Ducote into the cage, with immense pressure. Zappitella throwing hard shots to the body, Ducote, is trying to control Zappitella’s arm, hand fighting for a reversal, Zappitella fires an elbow, and they get back to the center. Both ladies trading and landing combinations, Zappitella misses a kick to the body, Ducote lands a left, Zappitella answers with an overhand.

Round 2 Zappitella throws kick to the body, misses, throws a very high front kick, Emily evaded. Trading combinations, Ducote backs Zappitella up, with a big left hook, drops Zappitella, Ducote goes in for strikes and Zappitella is right back up. Zappitella moving well, throws a combination, lands and Ducote counters. Zappitella throws a straight jab, connects, faints a high front kick to create distance. Zappitella faints another front kick and side kick, Ducote tries to close the distance fainting a one two combination. Zappitella misses an overhand right throws a combination, connects, faints two jabs, Ducote is looking to time a combination, lands a jab, caught her with a right, and Zappitella shoots in for the takedown, they get back up. Firing off combinations these ladies are looking to end it. Zappitella shoots in for another takedown, she gets it, and is pressuring Ducote with her head and shoulders, both ladies hand fighting to get a dominant position. Ducote wizers, to get back up. Zappitella keeps the pressure on, in the clinch. Throwing heavy knees to Ducotes thighs. Grabbing Ducotes hand fires a knee to the body. Back to the center, Zappitella is bleeding in one eye, using her body movement and jabs, Ducote throws a punch, Zappitella throws a heavy overhand. Circling each other Zappitella misses a leg kick shoots in, Ducote gets back up, Zappitella connects on the inside. Diucote pressures Zappitella into the cage, Zappitella reverses with an inside hook, drags Ducote to the ground, they get back up. Ducote faints some jabs, trying to control the cage, Zappitella throwing a combination, just ,misses a front head kick, Ducote misses a head kick, and the bell rings.

In between rounds, the doctors waived off the fight due to a cut on Zappitella’s eyelid. Emily Ducote retains the Strawweight title.

This fight card had everything, top to bottom, every fight was high level. Congratulations to everyone who won, I can see a few fights being ran back, especially the main event. There is a huge case for a rematch, if you look at this fight through unbiased eyes.


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