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MEN of WAR 13 results.

Men of WAr 13, at IPLAY America in Freehold NJ, was an action packed Jiu Jitsu card, from the first match up to the last.

Having gone to a multitude of grappling cards, this was the best,

All kids, white and blue belt matches are 5 mins, purple belt is 6 min, brown is 8 mins and black is 10 mins. That also includes title matches for their respective ranks. Speaking to Eugene Perez at the event, I asked why this format? With excitement Perez, stated that with the minutes to rank rounds, each competitor has to go out and perform, there is no time to waste. Catch a submission, or the judges decide, this was a winning formula.

Every matchup was exciting, and the output from the athletes was that of a championship match, again with no time to waste, they were all grappling for submissions.

The venue IPLAY AMERICA is clean, and well kept, with room enough to bring the whole family, and catch walkouts the likes of a Bellator MMA card, where each competitor gets to take that walk to their song.

The kids were the highlight of the day, capturing the hearts of everyone in eyeshot, of a tear from a loss, or a joined celebration from two kids, looking to showcase their skills, they were all scrappy and so much fun to watch.

Next Men of War is August 27th 2022 at IPLAY America!!!

Results MOW 13

Casey Lorenz def William Loushin Sub

Joe Benedetti def Anthony Adirato Dec

Dennis McKeever def M. Villarreal Dec

Zach Yauch def Reed Jeschonek Dec

Kathryn Egan def Trista Kline Dec

Alex Rios def Vincent Pagnotta Sub,

Joe Glickman def Dallas Sanchez Sub,

CJ Cameron def Pat Hampson Sub,

Billy McMann def Matthew Miranda Dec

A. DelGuercio def Daniel Sala Dec

Sam Santander def Amir Amro Dec

Brian Rourke def Walter West III Dec

Eric Cruz def Freddy Pontoriero Dec

Jessie Dwyer def John Filoon Dec

Ryan Polonsky def Karl Leinheiser Sub,

Scott Lavelle def Ryan Siller Sub,

Despina Karavas def S. Alequin Sub,

Leo Alves def Almir Muratovic Dec

Alex Maki def Mike Wescott Sub,

John Vena def Tevin Dyce Dec

Freddy Boasi def Ethan Saylors Sub,

Rafael Santiago def Angelo Sullo Sub,

Madison Caorsi def Elion Xhemagli Sub,

Luke Shiomos def Ian Morris Dec

Patrick Meyer def Hugo Entrades Dec

Luis Salomon def Max Greenberg Sub,

Matt Masch def Patrick Martin Sub,

JoJo Samaritano def Aiden Tillman Dec

Caitlin Procel def Felicia Rinier Dec

Sagala Fosam def Anthony Bonavito Dec

Liam Zeh def Patrick Martin Sub,

Brooke Laverty def Gabriella Mignone Dec

Lerrod Smalls def Larry Phillips Dec

Omer Farouk def Lorenzo Soto Sub,

Dan Castro def Chris McNamee Dec

Ryan Andersen def D. Sanchez Jr. Dec

Theresa Morales def Sarah Gallagher Sub,

Logan Appleby def Frank Miranda Jr. Dec

George Hendrix def Dan Lawson Dec

AJ McGinty def Daniel Czarnecki Dec

Mike Costello def Richard Brennan Dec

Ryan Hinkle def Tryston Brooks Sub,

Stanley Joseph def Luis Encarnacion Dec

Monica Laverty def Kayla Session Sub

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