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My move, to greener pastures

I recently deleted, all.of the social media, I had left... as I've felt the hand of cancel culture, from "big tech", who have made themselves editors, by removing posts and adding "this is false information". When a simple search can be fact checked, and these Soros paid actors, are paid to lie, cheat, and take away your hard earned work... should you dare, go against the grain.

Not only questioning the narrative, reporting on it, and last time I checked, that is your job as a journalist. It is not, your, nor the platform to which you soapbox, jobs to police what is produced, from your preconceived,enemies.

We should all be on the same side, the side of freedom, and our constitution, for one day, if you dare step out of their line, they will come, for you.

Mh life has changed, my passion has not, I've combined my favorite worlds in a way, I hadn't seen coming. MMA meets the truth. Our community as a whole, are warriors, unless you are MSM media shills.

I hope you all enjoy our new content, and you get a real perspective on what's really going on.


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